New Patient

Welcome to our practice!

To make your initial visit a more efficient use of your time, please complete the enclosed registration forms in advance and bring them with you to our office.

We will also need to copy your insurance cards and driver’s license, and will need a list of your current medications. You may bring either the medications and we will write them down for you, or you may bring a list with you.

If you are insured through a PPO or some other kind of managed care it is a good idea if you call our office to see if we are in network with your plan.

Our office is located at 1301 Coulter which is just North of Northwest Texas Heart Hospital. The name on the front of the building is WHA. There is a sign next to the sidewalk on the street that directs you to the WHA parking. Our office is on the first floor in Suite 103.

If, for some reason you have to cancel the appointment please give us a 24 hour notice, or you will be charged a $25.00 fee.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to call the office. We look forward to seeing you at your scheduled appointment.

These forms assist the staff in making sure that we have all the information necessary to provide you with quality care and treatment.Complete All Forms Here